Grape seeds

Our beliefs

More and more friends and visitors are saying they visited an institution and not just a simple wine estate.

We are flattered, but we are a wine estate where lots of research and studies are being made and where we like to experiment.

We like to push boundaries and to make things you can't buy or find elsewhere.


We started with white wine. Besides the nice red wines with many worldwide gold awards we are proud to offer and push the limits on the white long macerated wines. These are white wines with long skin contact where our normal procedure from 2015 on is 2 years on skin contact meaning 2 years before the wine is pressed.

We do not use filters and we are focused not to use any sulfites before bottling. A minimal amount of sulfites are added during the bottling process resulting in wines with 9mg or a maximum of 30mg total.

Grape seeds

All the processes and homemade machines to obtain clean grape seeds and also grape seed oil were developed and made on our estate. Once we obtained the oil, we began studying what is next so we made the grape seed flour. Only at this point we started to think where to use it. This is how we arrived at great ideas for food and cosmetics with live microorganisms.

Age old organic practices and Hado science = no chemicals and a lot of nice music

Our beliefs

Masaru Emoto 江本 勝, was a Japanese author and pseudoscientist who said that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Emoto's conjecture evolved over the years, and his early work revolved around pseudoscientific hypotheses that water could react to positive thoughts and words and that polluted water could be cleaned through prayer and positive visualization.

Studying what Mr. Emoto was publishing we got more and more interested how the wine which consist of lots of water would react. In our wine cellar very nice and pleasant music is playing, and in the vineyards as well depending on the season. Our wines are always exposed to nice, pleasant positive music.

Following age old organic practices and bio dynamic methods together with our beliefs there is no place for chemicals in our vineyards and our olive grove. We are making our wine in the vineyard and we are refining it in the wine cellar. This requires maximum care in hygiene where technology from our point of view is more than welcome. In this regard all the processes of cleaning the wine cellar and wine barrels are based on high water pressure with high temperature and steam at the end to make everything is clean.

The grapes are hand-picked with gloves and once the grapes arrive in front of the cellar they are carefully divided from stalks and sorted on an automatic rolling table to minimize the touch with bare hands and possible infections. The grape berries are mostly whole when transported to the fermentation tanks.

Before the harvest there is lots of work to be done in the vineyard. Between this work there is also spraying. We use sulfites for spraying and try to avoid coper. Coper is required from time to time depending on the weather. Whenever we need it, it is far below the minimum amounts required for organic cultivation. The problem is that while spraying the person driving the tractor is exposed to dangerous levels of chemical, especially if done without a filter or mask. You can only imagine the even higher levels of toxicity when it comes to non-organic conventional agriculture. This is the exact reason for why we came up with the “autonomous tractor” – we do not want our friends and employees to exposed to poisons not even to sulfites.

But spraying is only used for treating disease. We try to prevent diseases and spray as little as possible. There are other problems as well, such as climate change. Hail can ruin an entire harvest. We have neighbors who have lost their whole year due to hail. However, they still need to survive, pay the bills and make ends meet. We all need to. We all need electricity and right now going “green” is the future. Imagine if we could shut down the dirty coal power plants because we will all have plenty of green energy. This idea will become a reality. We are developing the first hail protection system with integrated high efficiency solar cells which will be protecting our vineyard and generating electricity at the same time.


genuinly non conventional

olive oil       

Our olive grove follows the same biodynamic principles as our vineyard and produces organic certified olive oil.