Grape Seed Flour

Grape seeds are known to contain a lot of valuable nutrients which are highly concentrated. Belonging to the group of food with the richest natural sources of oligominers. Many people who practice a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle included in their daily diet grape seed flour.

Valuable grape seed flour, which is produced on Polič Estate Truške is a 100% natural product, which is obtained only from dried grape seeds.

Grape seeds contain a lot of vitamin E, linol acid and flavonoids. For this reason, they also act as antioxidants.

The product is made by cold pressing the seeds of grapes from our organic cultivation which contains a lot of fiber, minerals, calcium, magnesium and iron. The use in the kitchen is versatile as grape seed flour can be added as an ingredient for cakes of all kinds, bread, pancakes, pizza, cakes, soup, yoghurt, cereals … But it may also be used as an additive for various beverages.

At the Polic Estate Truske we usually serve our signature bread made from grape seed flour.